Getting your Philips Hue app accepted by iOS reviewers

If you’ve put in the time to build a cool Philips Hue app, and made sure to follow every guideline, only to receive a cryptic rejection message from Apple reviewers, here are a few tips to get your app in the store. If you don’t follow some version of these steps, your app will almost…

Getting Lighter logs on Windows PC

Here are the steps to get the logs: Open the Event ViewerYou can do that by typing “Event Viewer” in the Windows search bar Once you open the Event Viewer, click on “Find” and search for “Lighter” Copy the content of the log. If it points to files, attach those files to the email. There…


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I created A Better Home to unlock the full power of color lighting!
Lighter is the ultimate Philips Hue app, with over 300 lighting scenes. Lighting moods for every situation, and a growing collections of emotes!
The PC version has the ambition of being the central point of your RGB setup, with support for Razer Chroma, Nanoleaf, and more brands coming.
RGB Hero integrates all those scenes with Fortnite, Valorant, World of Tanks, Team Fight Tactics, and more titles coming soon.

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